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Google’s Growth Of Social Networking Efforts Surpassing Predictitions And Are In A Progress, Says CEO Larry Page

Google CEO Page Sees Progress In Social Networking Efforts

Google Inc. (GOOGL)’s new social-networking service is surpassing predictions, helping the company make up for its earlier lack of focus on helping people make online connections, Chief Executive Officer Larry Page said.

“I’m very happy with the growth of the core Google+ network,” Page said in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek. “It doesn’t mean tomorrow it’s going to be bigger than any other social network out there. That’s not realistic. But it’s growing faster, I think, than other services have.”
Google, the leading Web-search provider, is playing catch- up with Facebook Inc. (FB), which has more than 845 million users versus more than 100 million for Google+. U.S. users spent an average 3.3 minutes on Google’s social network in January, compared with 7 1/2 hours for Facebook, according to ComScore Inc. Page said his company’s early focus on Web search came at the expense of helping people socialize.

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