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Syrian Government Opens Attack On Its Citizens For Using Social Media Channels For Protest

Syria Under Attack, Social Media Floods

In this information age, with all the social media we have in its various forms available at our fingertips, the impact of any natural disaster, war or movement is naturally heightened with the event feeling more local. The Syrian government opened attack on its own citizens in Homs and like the other protests in the ongoing Arab Spring, citizens not only of Syria but around the world took to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media streams to display the attack. For instance, NPR Senior Strategist, Andrew Carvin and Saudi blogger and NPR social media PA Ahmed Al Omran are not only tweeting from their own accounts @acarvin and @ahmed but also retweeting journalists, activists and more people from the ground itself, using #Syria as a hashtag. Anonymous announced via Twitter that to show solidarity with the Syrian people, they will take down two Syrian government websites, one of which is the Presidency site. They later retracted their DDoS attack on Syrian IPs, saying that citizens have limited bandwidth and they need to be allowed to continue to post information.

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