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India Now Have Second Highest Number Of Facebook Users In The World

Indians Are No 2 On Facebook

With 43,497,980 users now, India has the world's second highest number of Facebook users in the world now. It is more than the population of either Argentina, Kenya or Canada and almost twice Australia's population.

Last week, India added 5,452,980 more users to beat Indonesia (43,057,320) to the second post. USA leads the number of FB users with more than 152.5 million users, according to the website, a comprehensive analytics platform for Facebook.

While an overwhelming 72.8% of Indian FB users are male, more than 48% of users are from the 18-24 years age group and more than 27% from the 25-34 age group. Interestingly, more women use FB in the US (55%) than men (45%) while 24% users are in the 18-24 category with 23% from the 25-34 age group.

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