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US State Official Department Says Government Officials Worldwide Should Stop Fighting Against The Use Of Social Media

Governments Can't Fight Social Media, Says U.S.

Government officials worldwide should stop fighting against the use of social media and embrace conversations with their citizens -- except in the case of terrorist groups -- says a U.S. Department of State official.
It will be difficult for government officials to control social media use, Alec Ross, senior advisor for innovation in the Office of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said Tuesday during an online chat with journalists. A journalist from Guyana asked Ross how governments should "deal with or control" the negative consequences of social media.
While Ross (pictured) agreed that social media can be used for bad purposes, he questioned whether governments can control their use. "The 21st century is a lousy time to be a control freak," he said. "Instead of regulating this environment, or seeking to control the environment, I think what's important is that we engage in it."

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