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Trada To Help SMBs To Market On Facebook With Its Newly Launched Crowdsourcing Advertising Platform

Trada Launches Crowdsourcing Ad Platform On Facebook

Trada, a crowdsourcing advertising service for search, has set its eyes on helping its small- to medium-sized customers, such as flower shops or organizations with one-man marketing teams, to advertise on Facebook. The Boulder, Colo.-based Trada, which has $5.75 million in funding from Google Ventures and Foundry Group, announced Wednesday that it's created a marketplace to connect advertisers and Facebook marketing experts. The real vision for Trada is we believe crowdsourcing can be applied to any type of performance-based marketing venue," said Niel Robertson, founder and CEO, of Trada, in an interview with me. "We also started to feel that our customers wanted to be on Facebook.